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Past Presidents

On June 30, 1951, Mattie Belle Davis — the only female Floridian who passed The Florida Bar Exam in 1936 — presided over a breakfast meeting held by a group of Florida women lawyers in Miami Beach. Those women officially formed the Florida Association for Women Lawyers.

On March 1, 1980, local chapters of FAWL were formed. Linda C. Singer, then president of state FAWL, encouraged the women lawyers of Dade County to form a chapter. At that time, all of the business clubs in downtown Miami were “male only” and there were few women judges or law firm partners. MDFAWL was formed, with Charlene Carres serving as the first president.

Since MDFAWL's inception, 45 amazing women lawyers have served as President of the organization. The 2024-2025 term marks MDFAWL's 45th year!

Charlene M. Carres, 1980-1981

Diane M. Van Ness, 1981-1982

Alison C. Weinger, 1982-1983

May L. Cain, 1983-1984

Judge Sandy Karlan, 1984-1985

Judge Ellen L. Leesfield, 1985-1986

Judge Cindy S. Lederman, 1986-1987

Edith G. Osman, 1987-1988

Judge Lauren L. Miller, 1988-1989

Judge Shelley J. Kravitz, 1989-1990

Mary V. Brennan, 1990-1991

Adrienne F. Promoff, 1991-1992

Ameli Padron-Fragetta, 1992-1993

Allison Doliner Hockman, 1993-1994

Amy Agnoli, 1994-1995

Elizabeth Ann Morgan, 1995-1996

Sally M. Richardson, 1996-1997

Jani Kline Singer, 1997-1998

Sonia (Sunny) Yahr-Schneider, 1998

Dyanne E. Feinberg, 1998-1999

Michele (Mickey) Maracini, 1999-2000

Judge Jacqueline Hogan Scola, 2000-2001

Judge Sarah Zabel, 2002

Magistrate Deborah Magid, 2002-2004

Rosana Hernandez, 2004-2005

Sandra Hernandez, 2005-2006

Judge Abby Cynamon, 2006-2007

Judge Lisa S. Walsh, 2007-2008

Stacey Koch Lieberman, 2008-2009

Julie Braman Kane, 2009-2010

Kristy M. Johnson, 2010-2011

Alexandra Bach-Lagos, 2011-2012

Marisol Gomez-Decena,  2012-2013

Sherril Colombo, 2013-2014

Deborah Baker, 2014-2015

Ileana Cruz, 2015-2016

Rebecca A. Ocariz, 2016-2017

Katie S. Phang, 2017-2018

Lara Bueso Bach, 2018-2019

Elisa D'Amico2019-2020

Ardith Bronson, 2020-2021

Kristin Drecktrah-Paz, 2021-2022

Diana Mendez, 2022-2023

Amber Kornreich, 2023-2024

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