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2023-2024 Elections

Important Elections Deadlines

MDFAWL’s Elections Committee is pleased to announce the following uncontested 2023-2024 Officers and Board of Directors, and introduce the candidates for the contested election for Secretary.


President Elect 

  • Angela Benjamin 


Secretary (See Candidate Statements here)

  • Ingrid P. Benson-Villegas 

  • Mallory Cooney 



  • Allison Leonard 


Newsletter Editor: 

  • Melissa Roca Shaw 


Board of Directors: 

  • Carmen Contreras-Martinez 

  • Marianne Curtis 

  • Demitrianna Grekos 

  • Veronica Meza 

  • Gia Abreu O’Conner 

  • Kayla Quintana 

  • Claire Argmanac Rodriguez 

  • Schuyler Smith 

  • Elsa Van Gorp 

  • Thursday, April 27, 2023 at 5 p.m. EST: Deadline to join MDFAWL or renew your membership to vote in the election.

  • Friday, April 28, 2023: Ballots are distributed to MDFAWL members.

  • Thursday, May 4, 2023, at 5 p.m. EST: Deadline for MDFAWL members to submit ballots.

  • Friday, May 5, 2023: Announcement of election results to members.

Feel free to contact the elections committee ( with any questions.

Important Elections Documents


The deadline to make nominations for Director and Officer positions is April 19, 2023.

Election Protocols

All Candidates are subject to the MDFAWL 2023 Election Protocols. 


Please click here for the MDFAWL 2023 Election Protocols.


If any race for a Director or Officer position is contested, an election will be held. The 2023 Election will be conducted electronically.  If you are a Full or Student Member (as defined in the By-Laws of Dade County Chapter of The Florida Association for Women Lawyers (“Bylaws”)) you will receive an electronic ballot (“Ballot”).  Pursuant to the Bylaws, Honorary and Non-Lawyer Members are not entitled to vote. The Ballots will be sent on April 28, 2023, to the email address on file with State FAWL.  If you would like to ensure that MDFAWL has your correct email address, please contact the Membership Committee at

The last day to Join MDFAWL to vote in the 2023 Election is April 27, 2023. If you are uncertain as to your membership status, please contact the Membership Committee at

Please click here to join MDFAWL.

Once you receive your Ballot, follow the instructions to cast your electronic vote.  You must cast your vote by May 4, 2023 at 5 p.m. EST for it to be counted in the 2023 Election.  If you have any issues with casting your ballot or if you have not received your ballot by April 29, 2023, after checking your “spam” folder, please contact the Elections Committee at

Election Results

Votes will be counted electronically. The candidate receiving the highest number of votes shall be elected to the position sought. The election results will be announced on May 5, 2022.

Elections Committee

Liana Matthews
Monique Pardo Pope

If you have any questions about the nomination or elections process, please contact the Elections Committee at

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