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Membership Fees

through June 30, 2025*

Full Member


(not a member of the Bar of any state)

Government/Legal Aid

First-Year Attorney

Law Student


Past Presidents


MDFAWL recognizes the value government and non-profit attorneys bring and wants to expand its membership to include more of these attorneys. As such, MDFAWL is proud to announce its new dues structure available to Assistant State Attorneys/Assistant Public Defenders, Dade Legal Aid and Legal Services of Greater Miami, Inc. attorneys in their first – third years of practice:

Free Membership
for the first year of practice

for the second and third year of practice

after the third year of practice

To take advantage of the free or discounted Government / Legal Aid rates, you must download and complete the paper application.  These rates are not available online.

The Membership Period for each member shall begin on July 1st and end on June 30th of each year, irrespective of the date on which such member joins MDFAWL or renews membership.


Complete Membership Application

Whether you are a prospective member or renewing your membership, please complete the MDFAWL Membership Application / Renewal Statement.


Join by Mail

Join ore Renew Online

  • JOIN or RENEW for MDFAWL Membership ONLINE through the Statewide FAWL Website.

  • CAUTION: When applying online through the statewide FAWL’s Website, be sure to select “MDFAWL” in the drop down menu for “Select Member Type

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Step 1 - Join



If you are applying or renewing your membership online, you may pay by credit card online.

If you are applying by U.S. Mail, please don’t forget to mail in your payment. You can pay by check or credit card through US Mail.


Checks should be made payable to Florida Association for Women Lawyers and mailed along with the completed application or renewal statement to:

Florida Association for Women Lawyers

PO Box 721264

Orlando FL 32872

Need help?


If you have questions regarding the application or need additional information, please contact the Membership Committee Chair at

Step 2 - Join
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