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Volunteer for the MDFAWL Advocacy and Community Impact Committee!

MDFAWL is a voluntary bar association dedicated to promoting the advancement of women in the legal profession, expanding leadership opportunities available to its members, and advocating in support of women’s rights. In that vein, the Advocacy and Community Impact Committee will set initiatives, including the Nursing Mothers Program and events on civil engagement and education, to improve conditions for women in the legal profession.

MDFAWL has worked to create lactation rooms to support attorneys, jurors, court users, and employees at the courthouses with a dedicated, comfortable, quiet space for lactation. This committee will continue to advocate for lactation rooms in local courthouses and other public places. Information on where lactation rooms can be found is here:

This year, the Committee is also spearheading MDFAWL’s Get Out the Vote campaign. We will be partnering with NAWL and other local organizations to make sure that women’s voices are heard in this election cycle. We will work toward this important goal by spreading awareness about important election deadlines, early voting, vote by mail, and other information Miami-Dade voters need to know, as well as setting up early voting outings with our members so that they can socialize AND be civically engaged with their neighbors! Join us to share your ideas, and help us advocate for women in Miami and across the state.

Read more about MDFAWL’s Get Out the Vote campaign on our Blog.


Mary Ann Ruiz

Jaclyn Behar

Please email to join and with any questions.


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