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Virtual Judicial Forum Update

On July 21, 2020, MDFAWL co-sponsored and participated in a virtual judicial forum hosted by Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers-Miami Chapter. MDFAWL member, Mary Ann Ruiz, posed a question to Group 24 candidates, Judge Christine Bandin and Shaun Spector, as to how they have handled or will handle motions for continuance based on parental leave, pursuant to Rule 2.570 of the Rules of Judicial Administration. Denise Martinez-Scanziani and Judge Thomas Rebull also opted to answer the question. MDFAWL worked diligently, for years, on the parental leave rule, which was adopted by the Florida Supreme Court in 2019. We thank all the candidates, FACDL-Miami Chapter, all the other VBAs and the 100+ attendees for participating.


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