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Order re: Supervised Practice Program

The Florida Supreme Court has issued an order establishing a supervised practice program that will let some applicants for the August 2020 Bar exam work in the law during the pandemic under supervision of licensed attorneys. The program will last until 30 days after the results of the February 2021 Bar exams are released. It creates a way for applicants to work despite delays caused by pandemic conditions and online testing failures.

See the Full Order here.

Under the order, the Florida Board of Bar Examiners will establish the supervised practice program by the end of August. The court order outlines the application procedure and provides that each applicant’s supervising attorney assumes professional responsibility for all services provided.

The Florida Supreme Court ordered the creation of this temporary program after an online testing system developed due to COVID-19 pandemic conditions failed, causing the current delay. The Florida Board of Bar Examiners currently is working on details of a rescheduled exam to be administered in October.

MDFAWL encourages its members to take part in the supervised practice program. Be sure to stay updated on details of the program.


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