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MDFAWL DIY Haircut Tutorials


In case you are coming close to shaving your kid/spouse’s head (or your own), fear not. 3 free DIY live tutorials next week presented by South Florida hair stylist Angelica Grace Corpion. The virtual sessions will be held live on Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday @ noon ET and will also be recorded.

Register online here and you’ll receive an email with the ZOOM info:

Monday - long hair (link)

Tuesday - short hair (link)

Wednesday - curly hair (link)

About the business: Female and minority-owned, Angelica Grace Style Studio, LLC (“Style Studio”) is a Florida-based salon. The Style Studio offers a wide-range of hair care services for adults and children of all genders and ages, including, but not limited to, hair styling and up-dos, haircuts, coloring, chemical-solutions (such as chemical straightening, etc.) and more! The Style Studio also provides concierge services for weddings and other large-special events.

About the owner: Ms. Angelica Grace Corpion is the proud owner of Angelica Grace Style Studio, LLC (“Style Studio”), a Florida-based small business. Angelica has run and successfully operated her Style Studio for three years. She is a licensed stylist, with 8 years of experience. She loves her craft and enjoys helping all her clients feel beautiful and glamorous!


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