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MDFAWL and MDFAWL Foundation Sponsor PACE Graduation Gift Drive

MDFAWL and the MDFAWL Foundation are so proud of the High School Graduates at PACE Center for Girls! The graduates and their families enjoyed catering at a socially distant ceremony sponsored by MDFAWL.

MDFAWL Leader Rachel Curtis organized and delivered individualized gifts for each graduate with their most requested items complete with a fanny pack, Victoria’s Secret fragrances, make-up, agendas, and MDFAWL Swag.

PACE also put up some beautiful photos available here:

Thank you to all of our members and supporters who donated gifts through our Amazon Wishlist. We also recognize MDFAWL Leaders Mallory Cooney, Tiffany Disney, Elisa D’Amico, Stephanie Casey, Angela Benjamin, Claire Armagnac, Sarah Valdes, Ardith Bronson, Ameli Padron-Fagetta, and everyone who joined in on this special effort.

Stay tuned for more opportunities to volunteer with PACE through our Community Outreach Committee.


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