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Florida Bar Exam Rescheduled for October 13, 2020

The Florida Board of Bar Examiners on August 26 rescheduled the next Florida bar exam for October 13, 2020, with testing potentially continuing October 14, 2020 for any candidates who receive test accommodations.

The Florida Supreme Court announcement is here.

The Florida Bar’s coverage is here.

The Supreme Court has also elected to appoint a “Registrant Advocate” to aid in assuring that registrant’s concerns about administration of this examination are timely addressed. Details about the Registrant Advocate’s role will also be announced once finalized.

On August 17, the Bar Examiners postponed the exam that was scheduled for August 19 when it was “determined that administering a secure and reliable remote bar examination in August was not technically feasible.”

Applicants should check the Bar Examiners’ website regularly for detail updates and for additional announcements about the upcoming exam.


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