Leadership Opportunities


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To help you get started,  we've put together this list of current Leadership Opportunities, including deadlines, short descriptions, and related links.

January 3, 2022

Judicial Nominating Commissions: Two lawyer vacancies for each of the 26 JNCs. The Florida Bar has the opportunity to nominate six lawyers for each judicial nominating commission to the governor for his appointment. Each appointee will serve a four-year term, commencing July 1, 2022. Applications must be submitted no later than 5:30 p.m., Monday, January 3, 2022.

Persons interested in applying for any of these vacancies may click here to begin the application process and download the new application form.  If you require assistance, please call Bar headquarters at 850-561-5757 or email kwilson@floridabar.org.

No Deadline

FIU Center for Leadership

The Center presents new virtual program offerings designed to give participants the tools needed to enhance leadership skills in an ever-changing world. The Center’s virtual programs are offered through a live online format. Live online programs take place in real-time with live instructions and continue to include all the hallmarks of the Center’s development programs – interactivity, research-backed insights, a focus on self-discovery, small and large group discussions, in-class practice, and opportunities to interact with our world-class instructors – all with the goal of helping you become more effective and grow in your leadership. Live online programs are intensive 2-5 day programs scheduled during regular work hours (ET), and live attendance is required for participants.

Learn more here.