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Take this Survey on the Bar Exam and Menstrual Products

Menstrual Products and the Bar (MP and the Bar) are asking Florida attorneys to complete this quick survey about experiences with menstruation and the bar exam and/or share the survey with other test-takers:

MP and the Bar was established to work to eliminate the stigma associated with menstruation and to change unfair and outdated policies related to menstruation during bar examinations.

To help inform this work, MP and the Bar wants to learn more about any menstruation-related problems test-takers have experienced related to the bar--whether good or bad, in person or online.

Go to to share your experiences. As you will see, there is an option to share information anonymously given that menstruation is still a taboo subject for some—or if that is your preference for any other reason.

Thank you in advance for continuing to support the efforts of MP and the Bar to destigmatize menstruation in our profession.


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