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SuperLawyers Nomination Open!

SuperLawyers nominations are now open here.

The deadline for nominations is September 18, 2020.

Attorneys are invited to nominate the top lawyers they have personally observed in action, whether as opposing counsel, co-counsel, or through other firsthand observation in the courtroom. The intent is to discourage lawyers from nominating others based purely on reputation.

  • No self-nominations.

  • In-firm nominations are counted only if an equal or greater number of lawyers outside your firm are nominated.

  • You may nominate a maximum of 21 lawyers (this means you are limited to seven in-firm nominations, seven out-firm nominations and seven Rising Stars nominations).

  • No "campaigning" or soliciting nominations from other lawyers as such nominations may be disregarded and lead to disqualification.

  • Base your nominations on first-hand knowledge, rather than reputation-e.g., opposing counsel, co-counsel or someone you have observed in court or during a transaction.


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