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Miami Residents: Be Sure to Vote in the Special Election on February 27, 2023

Miami Residents: Be Sure to Vote in the Special Election on February 27, 2023

On February 27, 2023, the City of Miami will hold a special election to choose a new District 2 Commissioner representing Coconut Grove, Brickell, Downtown, Edgewater, and Morningside. This election is taking place to fill the seat Ken Russell left to run for Congress. You can find a list of candidates from the Miami Herald here and Candidate Reports here.

A candidate only needs to win by a plurality to nab the District 2 seat, which means a candidate only needs to get a higher number of votes than his or her opponent, rather than a majority of the votes; there will be no runoff election. As such, more than ever, every vote counts!

Voting by Mail

The deadline to register to vote has passed, but if you are registered and would like to vote by mail, you will need to submit a new request. Previously, Florida voters could fill out the form just once every four years to set up a standing request to automatically receive a mail-in ballot. Under new legislation that took effect in January 2023, most voters’ requests were canceled. Indeed, in Miami-Dade County, 438,000 such vote-by-mail requests were nullified on January 1, according to the Supervisor of Elections’ Office.

You may have received a form in the mail or an email with instructions to renew your request. But if you missed it, you can submit a new request for this election and future elections here.

Early Voting

Early voting for the special election will be held on Thursday, February 23, and Friday, February 24, from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., and on Saturday, February 25, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Registered voters in District 2 can vote early in person at Miami City Hall, the Lemon City Branch Library, or the Stephen P. Clark Government Center.

2023 Miami-Dade County Election Calendar

There are other elections happening in cities in Miami-Dade County through the rest of the year. Check the Miami-Dade Election Calendar to see if there is an upcoming election in your area.


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