MDFAWL & GSCBWLA Workout From Home ("WFH")

We are excited to continue MDFAWL and GSCBLWA’s WFH: workout from home.  We’re loving sweating together and working out some of this quarantine anxiety.

This Wednesday, May 20th, our run walk class will begin right on time at 8 a.m. Here is the direct link to the class. (You can also find this class by looking under the “outdoor” workouts and filtering to length: 30 minutes, class type: walk, and instructor: Matty Maggiacomo.)

Reminder: this class is audio only so you just need to bring your phone outside with you and have the app downloaded to participate. At 8 a.m., press start, and we will all be there with you ready to sweat. 

Let’s find each other on the Peloton app so we can follow each other and give out “high-fives” when we see each other on the leaderboard.  For starters here are Elisa, Rachel and Mary Ann: @damicolaw, @rachibunny and @maryannruiz.

Make sure when you finish your workout to post your sweaty selfie and tag #fitMDFAWL and #fitGSCBWLA.

See you out there!


Lawyers and non-lawyers of all genders who support our mission are eligible for membership in MDFAWL. We are the Miami-Dade Chapter of the Florida Association for Women Lawyers, not of Women Lawyers.



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