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MDFAWL & GSCBWLA Workout From Home ("WFH")

We are excited to continue MDFAWL and GSCBLWA’s WFH: workout from home.  We’re loving sweating together and working out some of this quarantine anxiety.

This Wednesday, June 10th, our cardio class will begin right on time at 8 a.m. Here is the direct link to the class. (You can also find this class by looking under the “cardio” workouts and filtering to length: 20 minutes, class type: HIIT, and instructor: Olivia Amato.)

Let’s find each other on the Peloton app so we can follow each other and give out “high-fives” when we see each other on the leaderboard.  For starters here are Elisa, Rachel and Mary Ann: @damicolaw, @rachibunny and @maryannruiz.

Make sure when you finish your workout to post your sweaty selfie and tag #fitMDFAWL and #fitGSCBWLA.

See you out there!


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