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Important Updates to the County Court System

On the first day of 2020:

*Dollar limits for civil cases in county court double to $30,000

*Small claims cases are increasing to include amounts up to $8,000, an increase of 60 percent *Civil filers must include a cover sheet that specifies the amount of money in dispute in cases valued at more than $8,000

*Filing fees remain as they have been and do not change

Increases in county courts’ jurisdictional limits were passed by the legislature and signed by the governor. Increases to small claims amounts and the civil cover sheet changes were adopted in rules approved by the Supreme Court.

The Florida Bar encourages you to review the following information in advance of the upcoming changes:

In addition, The Florida Bar has posted the videos that President John Stewart appears in on TFB’s YouTube channels. They’re also in both the new channel called “Florida Courts: Know Your Court” and in the “2019-20 Florida Bar President’s Videos” channel.

For additional Know Your Court information, please review these Bar News articles (reprinted with permission from The Florida Bar News):


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