About Us

MDFAWL is a voluntary bar association dedicated to the professional advancement of women lawyers and the promotion of women’s rights.  MDFAWL is open to men and women who are members of the Bar in any State, law students, and non-lawyers ‘Affiliates’ approved by the Board of Directors.  MDFAWL offers numerous opportunities for personal and professional development.  MDFAWL members advance the science of jurisprudence, promote reform in law, facilitate the administration of justice, uphold the highest standards of integrity, learning, honor and courtesy in the legal profession, and promote women’s rights and the common interests of women lawyers.  We look forward to your participation and we welcome you as an MDFAWL member!

MDFAWL has many exciting activities and programs planned for this year, including monthly “Meet the Judge” luncheons, “Tables for Eight”, and “Lunch and Learns.”  MDFAWL also offers:

  • Publications and resources for professional advancement;
  • Representation at The Florida Bar through State FAWL;
  • Advocacy for women and women attorneys;
  • Help overcome gender bias in the profession, workplace obstacles, and unequal treatment;
  • Community involvement outside of the legal profession;
  • CLE opportunities; and
  • Membership benefit discounts

Additionally, the State FAWL President personally contacts the Governor to advocate for members who seek judicial, JNC or state-level government appointments. The State FAWL Member Advancement and Promotion (MAP) Committee contacts The Florida Bar President to advocate for members who seek Bar Committee and JNC appointments.

Membership in our organization is not limited to women – indeed, we are not the Florida Association “of” Women Lawyers, rather, we are the Florida Association “for” Women Lawyers.  Therefore, men and women who support our mission are welcome to become members.