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Benefits of Membership in MDFAWL

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•  A strong voice on issues affecting women lawyers, including representation on The Bar’s Board of Governors, Florida Supreme Court Committees, and before Florida’s Legislature.

•  Networking opportunities with lawyers and community partners across the state and locally who are committed to promoting the status of women in the legal profession.

•  Leadership opportunities in prominent statewide and local organizations and committees.

•  Opportunities to build lifelong friendships with lawyers in all levels of the profession.

•  Supportive statewide and local networks for personal advancement within The Bar, the judicial system, and in public service.

•  Access to free award-winning educational and professional development CLEs designed to advance FAWL members in their everyday practice and within the profession.

•  FAWL Journal and monthly E-News Letters that inform on cutting-edge legal issues, legislation, and opportunities for public office, employment, and awards.

•  Discounts on products/services.

•  Statewide and local member recognitions, including FAWL News Clips, Member News & Nominations and support for local, state and national awards.

•  Local, state and nationwide legal and employment referrals.

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