Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Why should I join MDFAWL?

MDFAWL is a voluntary bar association dedicated to the professional advancement of women lawyers and the promotion of women’s rights.  MDFAWL is open to men and women who are members of the Bar in any State, law students, and non-lawyer ‘affiliates.’

MDFAWL offers numerous opportunities for personal and professional development, including monthly “Meet the Judge” luncheons, “Tables for Eight” with notable leaders in the legal and professional community, and “Lunch and Learns.”  MDFAWL also offers:

  • Publications and resources for professional advancement;

  • Representation at The Florida Bar through State FAWL;

  • Advocacy for women and women attorneys;

  • Help overcoming gender bias in the profession, workplace obstacles, and unequal treatment;

  • Community involvement outside of the legal profession;

  • CLE opportunities; and

  • Membership benefit discounts.

Additionally, the State FAWL President personally contacts the Governor to advocate for members who seek judicial, JNC or state-level government appointments.  The State FAWL Member Advancement and Promotion (MAP) Committee contacts The Florida Bar President to advocate for members who seek Bar Committee and JNC appointments.

2. How can I check the status of my membership?

You can log in to the State FAWL website at or email the Membership Committee at to check the status of your membership.

As of 2013 we transferred to a membership year that ends on June 30 of each year.  Please be sure to renew by the end of June to ensure that your membership stays current.

3. How can I join or renew?

You may join or renew your MDFAWL membership either online or via U.S. Mail.

To join or renew via U.S. Mail, please complete the application and submit your payment to FAWL, P.O. Box 3228, Lantana, Florida 33465.  The link for the mail-in application is available at

To join or renew online, please go to  On the homepage, you will be able to select “Join Now” or “Renew Now.”  After selecting one of these options, you will need to select the Miami-Dade Chapter from the “Type of Member” drop down box.

4.  What type of member should I choose?

Standard/Affiliate membership is for attorneys that have been practicing for more than one-year and are not employed by a governmental or legal aid agency.  It is also for all non-attorneys seeking membership in MDFAWL.

Government/Legal Aid membership is for attorneys employed by a government or legal aid agency.

First Year Attorney membership is for all attorneys admitted to the Florida Bar for less than one year.  You will need to renew at the Standard/Affiliate rate following your first year.

Student members are law students.

Past President membership is limited to past presidents of MDFAWL and State FAWL.  Past Presidents do not owe dues, but must complete a renewal form each year to ensure compliance with reporting requirements and to receive all the benefits of State FAWL as well as MDFAWL membership.

5.  I tried to renew online at, but it says that my account is inactive.  What should I do?

If your account is inactive, State FAWL will need to reset it.  You may email our Membership Committee at so that we can have State FAWL reactivate your account.

6.  My contact information has changed.  How can I update my contact information?

Please go online at and login to your account to update your contact information.  This is the only way to ensure that MDFAWL and State FAWL have your current contact information.

7. I am a past president, but I am not receiving emails.

Please email Membership Committee at to confirm that we have your current contact information.  All State FAWL and MDFAWL past presidents receive a lifetime membership from MDFAWL, but to ensure that we have your current contact information, we ask that you complete a renewal form each year.  This is also necessary for reporting your membership to State FAWL and ensuring that you receive State FAWL’s membership benefits.

8. How can I get involved in the Chapter?

As a member, you are invited to all of our events, which may be viewed on our homepage.

You may also contact the chair of the committees that you are interested in to find out more information about how you can get involved.

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